PwC Locations

PwC has many locations around the globe. If you’ve asked what is pwc, then make sure to visit our PwC wiki page where you can learn about PwC’s history from their recent name change to PwC from Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP to prior name changes such as when they were separate firms like Coopers & Lybrand.

In most locations PwC offers PwC audit services, PwC consulting, PwC advisory and PwC tax services.

Here are some key locations below that provide details around the PwC buildings in each city.



We also wanted to provide a headcount by PwC Location below. It’s somewhat shocking that Western Europe has more people than the North America region. Western Europe has 32% of PwC’s headcount while North America has 26%. 

Asia – 47,090

Australia and Pacific Islands – 7,339

Central and Easter Europe – 8,432

Western Europe – 65,870

Middle East and Africa – 12,861

North America and the Caribbean – 53,656

South and Central America – 12,861

We’ve also provide Pricewaterhousecooper’s revenue by location as well. The largest growth of revenue came from Middle East and Africa. The largest portion of revenue came from the North America region. 

Asia – $4.1 billion

Australia and Pacific Islands – $1.6 billion

Central and Easter Europe – $716 million

Western Europe – $12.7 billion

Middle East and Africa – $1.3 billion

North America and the Carribean – $14 billion

South and Central America – $958 million

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