PwC is not currently ranked in the Fortune 500 for 2022.  Pricewaterhousecoopers should be ranked in the Fortune 500 though.

In fact all of the big 4 public accounting firms should be ranked in the Fortune 500 because they make billions of dollars. They are all actually above $20 billion dollars of revenue. For comparison sakes, the 500th company on the Fortune 500 list only makes about $5 billion in revenue per year.That means that the smallest big 4 firm makes 4 times what the smallest firm on the Fortune 500 makes.

PwC is a large private company in the United States, so they should be on the list.

Maybe they don’t have enough revenue to be on the list? Well, no that can’t be true because they have more than enough revenue to be on the list as we discussed above.

First on the list is Walmart with well over $400 billion in revenues for their last fiscal year.

Let’s take a look at PwC’s latest fiscal year revenues to understand where they might land.

As of their last global financial report, PwC earned 2016 revenues of $35.9 billion internationally.

Let’s trace back to the Fortune 500 list to see where that amount of revenue might land.

If you take a look at the Fortune 500 rankings, it appears that PwC would land between a a popular airline and a well-known insurance company. They would be between United Continental Holdings and Allstate. They would be above Allstate Insurnace can you believe that? The Company that has all those popular insurance commercials.

That shows that the largest accounting firms in the world deserve to be on this list.

United Continental Holdings made $37.8 billion in revenue for their latest fiscal year. Allstate earned about $35.7 billion in revenue, so we could say that PwC would be above that.

Since PwC would replace Allstate in this ranking that means that PwC would earn a ranking of 81 on the Fortune 500.

That is not too shabby because it puts them in the Top 100 of companies in the Fortune 500. That is the top 20% of all earnings of major corporations which is not too bad.