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  • What is the meaning of KPMG?

KPMG stands for Klynveld Peat Marwick and Goerdeler. Each of those names stands for one of the major partnerships that makes up KPMG’s history.

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The K in KPMG

The first letter of KPMG – K stands for Klynveld. Klynveld is the last name of for Piet Klynveld.

Who is Piet Klynveld?

Piet Klynveld was an accountant in Amsterdam. He opened his accounting firm in 1917. He later partnered with Jaap Kraayenhof to create Klynveld Kraayenhof and Company. When Klynveld passed away, he left the largest accounting firm in the Netherlands behind.

The P in KPMG

The P in KPMG LLP stands for Peat. Peat was the last name of William Barclay Peat.

William Barclay Peat started his accounting career at the ripe old age of seventeen. He started his career at the accounting firm Robert Fletcher and Company. William did very well at his time at Robert Fletcher & Co and quickly rose to the very top ranks of the company. Once he took over the company he renamed it after himself.

The M in KPMG

The M in KPMG stands for Marwick. Marwick was the last name of James Marwick. By now you’ve likely figured out that Marwick was also an accountant. James Marwick and his partner Roger Mitchell were both Scottish immigrants. Together they founded Marwick Mitchell and Company in 1897.

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The G in KPMG

The G in KPMG stands for Goerdeler. Goerdeler was the last name of Reinhard Goerdeler.

He was a German accountant born in May of 1922. He joined Deutsche Treuhand-Gesellschaft in 1953 and worked his was up to Chairman of the company. As Chairman of the firm he sought to expand their international reach. He formed the accounting firm Klynveld Main Goerdeler in 1979 and later formed KPMG in 1987. He eventually became chairman of KPMG. He died in 1996.

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