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EY Careers

What is Ernst and Young?

Many people think of EY as only an auditing firm, but they offer many more services. Ernst and Young is one of the largest professional service firms on the planet. They offer auditing services, tax service among many other things. Ernst and young consulting offers advisory services such as ernst and young transaction advisory services.

Why work for EY?

EY wants you to work for them because they are trying to build a better working world. You can build lasting relationships with your colleagues and your clients.

You will likely have a variety of clients that will help you learn and develop so that you can have a successful career.

Another advantage of working at Ernst & Young is that they are a global firm. You can work with individuals all around the globe. It also means that you can transfer internationally if you qualify for that program.

EY Careers Paths

There are several paths into the firm including:

Ernst & Young Graduate

There is obviously the Ernst and Young graduate program where graduates from universities are hired directly out of the university or after an EY Internship.

Experienced Hires

EY careers also hires experienced hires which means that you have to have prior work experience.

Ernst & young internship

The easiest way to secure a position at Ernst & Young LLP is to get an Ernst and Young internship. The way you can take advantage of this is by speaking to your college career office to find out the Ernst and Young recruitment process on your campus.

The main advantage of the Ernst and young internship is that you get sample what life at EY will be like before you join. You will first go through a week of training before you join your work office. Once you go to your work location, you will then be working in a team on various client projects. At the conclusion of your ernst & young internship, you will be given feedback by your counselor to help you develop as a professional.

You will also be notified of whether you receive an offer at the end of your internship.

Ernst and Young Salary
Audit Staff$65,000
Tax Staff$69,000
Audit Manager$109,000
Advisory Senior Manager$187,000
Advisory Staff$65,000
Tax Senior$82,000

Ernst and Young salary

What can you expect your Ernst & young salary to be? Well this obviously depends on a number of factors. This depends on what location you are interested in working at and what your experience is.

For example in the US, we’ve provided a summary of some average salaries for the most common positions to the right

Ernst and Young locations

Offices are located around the world and almost all of them have open positions. Some of these locations are listed below with the corresponding Ernst & Young Careers page.

Ernst & Young US

You can find US Ernst and Young job openings on Ernst & Young’s us careers page.

Ernst and Young UK

EY UK’s career page is similar to the other career pages in that it provides a page for experienced hires and graduates. The main difference is that it has a graduate scheme for students to get EY jobs.

Ernst and Young Graduate Scheme

Ernst and Young Uk offers the Ernst and young graduate scheme for students looking to gain work experience before joining the firm full time.

During the first year in school you will engage with Ernst & Young Careers through theleadership academy, Discover EY and insight days.

In your penultimate year at school you will engage with the company through Mentors for Women,  Summer Internship,  Industrial Placement, Leadership Academy andInsight Days.

In your final year, you will either be connecting with the company through EY summer internship or Insight Days.

Ernst and Young India

EY India’s career page offers opportunities to both student graduating from college and experienced hires. Through EY India’s career page you can also find opportunities for EY Bangalore.

Ernst and Young Philippines

EY Philippines’ career page allows candidates to search for jobs, explore graduate opportunities and explore EY jobs for experience recruits.

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Lines of Service

Are you considering which line of service to join? One of the most popular line of service is EY’s transaction advisory services. Let’s take a look at what that entails below.

Ernst and Young transaction advisory services

EY transaction advisory services practice helps clients with their strategies to raise, invest, optimize and preserve capital. The Ernst and Young transaction advisory services’ team helps their clients achieve better capital performance. Transaction advisory services is a very broad category within EY and is broken down further into several categories.

Those categories are the following

  1. Corporate development
  2. Divestiture Advisory Services
  3. Investment Banking
  4. Infrastructure Advisory
  5. Operational Transaction Services
  6. Real Estate Transaction services
  7. Restructuring
  8. Strategy Services
  9. Transaction Support
  10. Transaction Tax
  11. Valuation Business Modeling & Fairness
  12. Working Capital

So what can you expect as a member of the transaction advisory services practice? Well let’s go over what you can expect in a couple of these areas.

Valuation Business Modeling – The valuation and business modeling practice includes people with accounting, tax and financial due diligence backgrounds. Anyone with skills in those areas can assist in providing valuation advice to clients. This is a unique area because valuation has become more complex and critical for business. This is also an important group since people need valuation and business modeling experts for projecting how to effectively utilize capital.

Transaction Tax – This practice obviously let’s the tax folks get integrated into the transaction advisory services practice. Tax people that choose to join will help across many transactions such as:

  • Disposals
  • Mergers
  • JV’s
  • Refinancing
  • Restructuring
  • Stock transactions
  • IPOs
  • Insolvency proceedings