Deloitte Layoffs

Deloitte lays its employees off from time to time. This page is meant to keep track of the recent history of Deloitte layoffs.

Deloitte is primarily focused on consulting. When any type of consulting spend decreases, they tend to lay off the most people of the big 4 accounting firms.

The reason for the layoffs in 2024 is that there is continue weakness in consulting and deals work.

In 2024, Deloitte announced that they will be looking at headcount and assessing whether or not they need to lay employees off. In February 2024, there was an announcement that potentially 100 employees at risk of losing their jobs in the UK. This is a result of a slowdown in consulting. This represents 5 percent of the firms financial advisory division.

In 2023, Deloitte laid off 800 people in the UK in their various consulting divisions.

The reason for layoffs in 2023 and continuing into 2024 is an increase in interest rates around the world. This resulted less private equity deals and less acquisitions. This caused a decrease in consulting work associated with private equity and M&A.

Previous Deloitte layoffs

In 2023, Deloitte announced that they would layoff 1,200 worker in their United States offices. They announced this in April of 2023.

In 2020, Deloitte laid off about 5,000 of their workforce in the United States. This represented 5% of their total workforce in the United States. Deloitte also laid people off in Canada in 2020. They laid off 100 from consulting, 90 from audit and 30 from tax.