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You can look all over the web for an accountant resume template, but we are one of the only places where you can get a Microsoft word version for free.

Big 4 recruiters

What do big 4 recruiters look for from big 4 resumes? They look for leadership abilities, communication skills, ability to face change, past big 4 experience, industry experience, ability to work in teams among other things.

Public accounting auditor resume

This resume can be used for people that are interviewing for senior auditor at a big 4 firm or any other public accounting firm. When you are populating the resume to apply for a position in the audit practices of the big 4 you want to show some experience in internal control. If you have audit experience what are the audited areas that you worked in. What were some audit procedures that were used on your engagement.

You can say that you audited internal controls.

You can say that you worked in audit software.

You also need to be able to speak to your work with team members.

Tax Accountant Resume Responsibilities

If you want to hit on some areas of what a tax accountant does to put in your tax accountant resume then you should have experience that hits on the following

Tax preparation – This includes thing like preparing tax forms. 1120 forms are income tax forms in the U.S. for corporations. 1040 forms are income tax forms in the U.S. for individuals. 1065 forms are forms for partnerships. K-1’s are partnership distribution forms

Tax provision – Another key responsibility of a tax accountant is the ability to audit tax provisions. If you want to highlight your ability to do this type of work then you should say that you have experience in ASC 740. ASC 740 is the codification section related to taxes.

Tax Research – tax research is also a key responsibility of tax accountants in big 4 accounting, so make sure you have some experience around research in your resume if you want to be a tax accountant.

Consulting resume tips

If you are looking for a job in any of the consulting practices you need to be able to show that you can think strategically. This will be especially important in any management consulting practices. Depending on which branch of advisory you will be going into, you might also need experience with coding. You will also need to highlight your project management skills.

Should you put your CPA on your resume

If you have passed your CPA exam, then yes you should put that you are a CPA on your resume.

What is you haven’t passed your CPA exam? Should you put that you are working towards your CPA? I wouldn’t put that on your resume, but if you choose too. Put it towards the end of your resume. Insert a brief section discussing progress on your cpa test. Say that you’ve passed 3 out of 4 parts of the CPA exam (if that is the case)

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Already formatted for Big 4 Success

No Need to Waste Time Formatting

The main benefit of the resume template is that it is already formatted for you. You don’t have to spend hours formatting font and moving bullets around. It includes sample skills, sample accounting jobs, and accomplishments all prepopulated to help you complete your resume.

What’s included in the Resume Sample?

Big 4 Resume Template Header

The resume comes with a header section with a sample name, contact number and a section for email.

Big 4 Auditor Resume Skills and Tax Skills

There is also a skills section where you can briefly provide some key skills that you believe will be important to the job you are seeking. There are already some important accounting tasks preloaded into this section if you can’t think of anything yourself (CPA, ms office suite, etc.)

Are you a tax professional looking for a big 4 job? don’t worry the accounting resume sample can easily updated for a tax professional.

2 Jobs in the Big 4 Resume Sample

There are two jobs in this resume sample with job descriptions for each. You can use the job descriptions to help spark some ideas as to how to describe your prior work experience.

Accounting Jobs this resume sample can be used for:

  • Junior Auditor

  • Staff Auditor

  • Tax Accountant

  • Tax Preparer

  • Audit Intern

  • Tax Intern

Use the STAR system to make our template even stronger.

The star technique is all the rage nowadays in resume writing. This is because it shows how you accomplished your success as opposed to just providing a laundry list of tasks.

The theory is that by showing how you accomplish tasks, the interviewer or recruiter can learn more about you. It will also differentiate you from other candidates since most people will have a task based resume.

Essentially you want to say something like, “I decreased the hours spent auditing accounts receivable by 10% versus prior years number which enabled me to win more client work.”

You don’t want to say something like, ” I worked on accounts receivable for 2 years.”

We provide a general overview of the STAR method below.

Define the situation.

Give context around the situation.

This is the Who, What and When.

Define the problem that you had to overcome.

Identify the task, objective or issue that you addressed in this situation.

Provide details around the Action that you took to complete the task.

Make sure to highlight the skills you used in your action.

Describe the outcome that you achieved in the situation.